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At PDS we go beyond the services offered by most injection molders. Our team of highly qualified technicians, process engineers, and tool & die makers provide unparalleled customer service and quality all the while keeping our promise to deliver products on time. We strive to adapt and create custom solutions enabling growth in an evolving industry.


PDS is committed to the continuous improvement of our facility and the equipment inside it. We invest in injection molding machines and support equipment regularly. This commitment allows us to retain the highest possible part quality and on-time delivery. Our press sizes range from 66 to 450 tons.


Our designers, engineers, and process technicians work together to provide rigorous prove-out services. Some key services are listed below. - Gate Seal Studies - Rheology (Viscosity) Studies - Pressure Drop Studies - Cooling Time Studies - Mold Temperature Mapping - Full Process Documentation


Insert molding provides the versatility to incorporate steel, plastics, and other materials into a plastic assembly by over-molding. Metal fasteners, screws bolts, and electrical conductors are just a few of the insertable components. This helps eliminate post-mold assemblies.


By over-molding, our customers can incorporate more than one material into a single part. PDS has years of experience in the field of over-molding. From intricate electronic assemblies to interior automotive parts, we have experience crafting solutions to create quality over-molded products. 

Why PDS?

Our passion for excellence has led to strong customer relationships, quality products, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our driven and highly qualified team strives to create innovative solutions for our diverse customers of all sizes and industries.

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