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We specialize in creating automated assembly operations both press-side and offline. Our machine operators have experience in manual and automated assembly processes and have been trained to monitor these processes for quality and accuracy.


We offer a wide variety of decorating options. Listed below are a few of our preferred processes. Contact us today and let us help you pick the proper method.


Heat Transfer is a type of decorating that is similar to hot foil stamping. This process uses a combination of heat, pressure, and dwell to apply a pre-printed graphic permanently to your part. The benefit of heat transfers is that you get a detailed vibrant multi-colored image applied to your part without the added cost of multicolor setups.


Hot foil printing is an excellent choice for placing your designs, symbols, and logos onto a part. The design is completely customizable and offers a durable finish at an affordable price point.


A hydrographic coating process is done after a part is molded or machined. The parts are dipped into a basin of liquid with a graphic design laid over top of it. This design is transferred to the part in the process resulting in a clean seamless design across the entire part.


We offer pad printing which is a method of decorating plastics parts. This process uses a silicone pad to pick up your ink image off of a cliché and transfer onto your part.


We work closely with many reputable suppliers with paint lines. These suppliers can take the molded parts we produce and apply a painted finish to them before being delivered to the customer.

Why PDS?

Our passion for excellence has led to strong customer relationships, quality products, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our driven and highly qualified team strives to create innovative solutions for our diverse customers of all sizes and industries.

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